Everaldo Aguiar, PhD

My research interests are in learning analytics, educational data mining, text analytics, private set operations, and privacy-preserving computation.

  • Everaldo Aguiar
  • João Pessoa - Brazil
  • 384 Nieuwland, Notre Dame - IN, 46556, USA
  • eaguiar@nd.edu


  • Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering2012 - 2015

    University of Notre Dame

    Advisors: Dr. Nitesh Chawla and Dr. Jay Brockman

    Thesis Title: Identifying Students at Risk and Beyond: A Machine Learning Approach

  • Data Science Fellow2014

    University of Chicago - Center for Data Science and Public Policy
    The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellowship

    Project: Detecting students at risk early and accurately

  • M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering2010 - 2012

    University of Notre Dame

    Advisor: Dr. Marina Blanton

    Thesis Title: Private and Oblivious Set and Multiset Operations

  • B.S. Computer Science / Mathematics2007 - 2010

    Summa Cum Laude

    Midwestern State University

    Advisor: Dr. Nelson Passos


  • In Books:

    Everaldo Aguiar, Yihua Zhang, and Marina Blanton

    An Overview of Issues and Recent Developments in Cloud Computing and Storage Security, Chapter in High Performance Semantic Cloud Auditing, B.-Y. Choi, K. Han, and S. Song (Editors), Springer, 2013 [pdf]

  • In Journals:

    Marina Blanton, Everaldo Aguiar

    Private and Oblivious Set and Multiset Operations (International Journal of Information Security, 2015) [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar, G. Alex Ambrose, Nitesh V. Chawla, Victoria Goodrich, and Jay Brockman

    Engagement vs Performance: Using Electronic Portfolios to Predict First Semester Engineering Student Persistence (Journal of Learning Analytics, 2014) [pdf]

  • In Conference Proceedings:

    John Dillon, G. Alex Ambrose, Everaldo Aguiar, Nirandika Wanigasekara, Bikram Sengupta, Maloan Chetkur and Sidney D'Melllo

    Affective Learning Analytics: Description and Prediction on Student Emotion in MOOCs (Learning with MOOCs Workshop, 2015) [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar, Saurabh Nagrecha, Nitesh V. Chawla

    Predicting Online Video Engagement Using Clickstreams (IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, 2015) [pdf]

    Himabindu Lakkaraju, Everaldo Aguiar, Carl Shan, David Miller, Nasir Bhanpuri, Rayid Ghani and Kecia Addison

    A Machine Learning Framework to Identify Students at Risk of Adverse Academic Outcomes (KDD 2015) [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar, Himabindu Lakkaraju, Nasir Bhanpuri, David Miller, Ben Yuhas, Kecia Addison, Shihching Liu, Marilyn Powell and Rayid Ghani

    Who, When, and Why: A Machine Learning Approach to Prioritizing Students at Risk of not Graduating High School on Time (LAK 2015) [pdf]

    Victoria Goodrich, Everaldo Aguiar, G. Alex Ambrose, Leo McWilliams, Jay Brockman, and Nitesh Chawla

    Integration of ePortfolios into First-Year Experience Engineering Course for Measuring Student Engagement (ASEE 2014) Best paper runner-up [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar, Nitesh Chawla, Jay Brockman, G. Alex Ambrose, and Victoria Goorich

    Engagement vs Performance: Using Electronic Portfolios to Predict First Semester Engineering Student Retention (LAK 2014) Best paper runner-up [pdf]

    Reid A. Johnson, Yang Yang, Everaldo Aguiar, Andrew K. Rider, and Nitesh V. Chawla

    ALIVE: A Multi-Relational Link Prediction Environment for the Healthcare Domain. Third Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare Management (PAKDD 2012) [pdf]

    Marina Blanton and Everaldo Aguiar

    Private and Oblivious Set and Multiset Operations. ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS'12) [pdf]

  • Theses:

    Everaldo Aguiar

    Identifying Students at Risk and Beyond: A Machine Learning Approach, PhD Dissertation, University of Notre Dame, August 2015 [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar

    Private and Oblivious Set and Multiset Operations, Master's Thesis, University of Notre Dame, July 2012 [pdf]

  • Posters:

    Frederick Nwanganga, Everaldo Aguiar, G Alex Ambrose, Victoria Goodrich, Nitesh V Chawla

    Qualitatively exploring electronic portfolios: a text mining approach to measuring student emotion as an early warning indicator, LAK 15, March 2015, Poughkeepsie NY [pdf]

    Everaldo Aguiar, Jay Brockman, Nitesh Chawla, G. Alex Ambrose, Victoria Goodrich, Leo McWilliams

    Data Mining ePortfolios for Engagement Analytics, STEP Grantees Meeting, March 2014, Washington DC [pdf]

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor2014

    Data Mining

    Spring 2014

  • Teaching Assistant2010 - 2012

    Fundamentals of Computing I

    Fall 2012

    Ethics for CSE students

    Spring 2012

    Operating Systems

    Spring 2011

    Data Structures

    Fall 2010, Fall 2011

  • Tutor2007 - 2010

    Computer Science, Mathematics

    Tutored a variety of computer science and math subjects as an undergraduate student


  • Outstanding Student Service Award2012,2014

    Outstanding Junior Man2009

    Who’s Who in American College and Universities2009

    President’s Honor Roll2007 - 2010

    Provost’s Honor Roll2009

    Dean’s Honor Roll2008

Leadership and Afilliations

  • Association for Computing Machinery2008 - Present

    Local Chapter President -- 2009 - 2010
    Local Chapter Vice President -- 2008 - 2009

    Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society2010 - Present

    Alpha Chi Honor Society2009 - Present

    Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society2008 - Present

    Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society2008 - Present

    Computer Science Programming Team2008 - 2010

Programming Skills

  • Python

  • R

  • C, C++, C#

  • Php/Javascript

  • Java

  • Perl

  • Pascal

Other technical skills

  • LaTeX

  • Photoshop

  • Corel Draw

  • Android SDK

  • Web Development

Language Skills

  • Portuguese

  • English

  • Spanish

Random Skills

  • Photographic Memory

  • Other Memory

  • Photography

  • Cooking

  • Soccer

Contact info

  • Computer Science & Engineering, 326 Cushing Hall, Notre Dame - IN, 46556, United States

  • Email: eaguiar@nd.edu
  • Website: www.nd.edu/~eaguiar

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