INCS is an international group of scholars dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and research. The organization sponsors annual meetings and enjoys a collaborative relationship with Nineteenth-Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal. INCS encourages scholarly work that transcends disciplinary boundaries in its approach to cultural studies. Members also receive a discount on all titles published by Ashgate Press (click on the link to see the discount offers).


Each spring since 1986 INCS has hosted a conference on a theme of broad interest in nineteenth-century studies. We have also sponsored or co-sponsored international conferences in London and Paris. Dialogue is the featured mode of exchange at INCS meetings. Papers are distributed in advance, while at the conference session presenters summarize their papers to stimulate dialogue among all those in attendance.

Complete list of INCS conferences



Article I. Name and Object.

Sec. 1.   This society shall be known as Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS).

Sec. 2.  The society shall meet to discuss and exchange knowledge in such areas as philosophy, history, literature, art, performance, religion, cultural studies and science in the nineteenth century.

Sec. 3.  The society is a non-profit organization and shall neither engage in nor support any venture for profit.

Article II.  Officers.

Sec. 1.  The officers of the society shall be a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, and Treasurer.  The Second Vice-President shall be elected by the members for a two -year term of succession; at the end of each term , the Second Vice-President shall become First Vice-President, and the First Vice-President shall succeed to the Presidency. 

Sec. 2.  There shall be an Editor or Co-Editors responsible for publication of all papers, periodicals, and bulletins of the society.

Sec. 3.  There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the President, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President, the Treasurer, and nine elected members. The nine other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for three-year terms with three members elected each year. 

Sec. 4.  The treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.   Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by an online ballot. All terms shall begin/end at the start of the calendar year.

Sec. 5.  Officers and Executive Committee members may not be re-elected to succeeding terms.  Treasurer may be re-appointed. 

Article III.  Members.

Sec. 1.  Anyone interested in nineteenth-century studies may become a member of the Association upon application to the Treasurer and payment of the first year’s annual dues. 

Sec. 2.  The amount of the annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Article IV.  Meetings.

Sec. 1.  There shall be an annual meeting of the society to take place at a location selected by the Executive Committee. 

Sec. 2.  There shall be a regular business meeting of the Executive Committee at each annual meeting, at which time members of the Executive Committee shall present an annual report on the activities of the society and the Treasurer will report on the budget and the membership.

Sec. 3.  Action on any item at the annual business session, including resolutions, amendments to the Constitution, changes in the operating procedure, will require a quorum of two-thirds of the Executive Committee.  If there is not a quorum, decisions will be put to an email vote of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 4.  The general arrangements of the proceedings of the annual meeting shall be directed by the Executive Committee.

Sec. 5.  Special meetings may be held at the call of the Executive Committee, when and where they may decide.

Article V.  Papers and Publications.

Sec. 1.  All papers presented at the annual meeting must be approved in advance by the ad hoc Program Committee appointed by the annual conference organizer

Sec. 2.  Excepting guest speakers and plenary sessions, no papers shall be delivered orally at the annual meeting.  All papers must be submitted at the time designated in the call-for-papers so that they may be distributed to participants prior to the meeting. 

Sec. 3.  Publications of the society, of whatever kind, shall be made only under the authorization of the Executive Committee.

Article VI.  Amendments.

Sec. 1.  Amendments to this Constitution may be made by a vote of two thirds of the Executive Committee. Any member of the organization may propose an amendment to the constitution. Following discussion, an amendment will be implemented if it receives approval from a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2.  Changes in the operating procedure of the society, as distinct from its Constitution, may be made by a vote of two thirds of the Executive Committee. 

Sec. 3.  A copy of this Constitution shall be available upon request by any member of this society.


The operating procedure of Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) shall be determined by the Executive Committee in conformity with the Constitution. 

Annual Meeting

Invitation to the society from institutions that wish to host the annual meeting are received by the President and acted upon by the Executive Committee.  Each year at the regular meeting, the acceptance of an invitation for the year following will be announced. 

A Program Committee of members from the host institution is responsible for securing and providing facilities for the annual meeting and reporting its arrangements to the Treasurer.  The President appoints the Presiding officer of this committee, who in turn selects its other members.

At each annual meeting, the President appoints an auditing committee, consisting normally of two members, to examine the books of the Treasurer and report to the other members at the regular business session.

Anyone submitting a paper for possible presentation at the annual meeting, or serving as a moderator or participant in the sections, must be a dues-paid member of INCS for the current calendar year.


Nineteenth-Century Contexts

Members of INCS will receive Nineteenth-Century Contexts.  The Treasurer is directed to pay, as requisitioned and documented by the Editor(s), supporting funds for NCC in an amount not to exceed the income from the journal publisher (Taylor and Francis).  The Editor(s) shall consult with the Executive Committee on any changes in publication and editorial policies, but all editorial decisions are to be made by the Editor(s).

Election of Officers

Each year the Executive Committee will nominate candidates for officers and board members. There will be one nominee for each open position. The Treasurer will conduct an online election in which members will vote yes or no on each individual candidate.

Annual Dues

Annual dues for membership in INCS, including subscription to Nineteenth-Century Contexts, are $35.00 regular members, $40.00 joint members (to receive only one copy of each issue of NCC), and $20.00 for students and emeriti.  Members attending the annual meeting of the society will be charged a registration fee sufficient to pay the expenses of the conference.  The Executive Committee has the authority to raise dues as needed.

Annual Calendar

The membership year begins January 1 and shall include the annual meeting held that year.