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Forthcoming book will expand on the article:

The Dilemma of Equality and Diversity (Current Anthropology, Vol. 55 no. 3)

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This article examines the tension between these two values, as seen in the practices of various groups and the policies of governments.   Look here for supplementary graphics or other information.

“This is a welcome, eye-opening contribution and a pleasure to read. The essay addresses a deep and significant issue by means of a skillfully conducted, humane and balanced review of many literatures.”  Richard Shweder, University of Chicago.

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“Poverty and Nonprofits” research project

This research, with Ines W. Jindra, focuses on how antipoverty nonprofits work with the poor.  This research has been ongoing since 2010, and involves over one dozen nonprofits, most involved in “developmental relationships.”  Nationwide, many nonprofits are shifting to this model, an important but controversial development in the war on poverty.

Publications are forthcoming, and will also include a book on how nonprofits use “developmental relationships” to help people get out of poverty or to attain more life stability.

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See our article on the Stanford Social Innovation Review website

See Christian Science Monitor article on international antipoverty project





Text Box: Trained as a cultural anthropologist, I have also published and taught extensively in sociology.  

I have long been fascinated with why people and groups get involved in particular activities, and thus have written on topics such as Star Trek fans, death celebrations in Africa, and video gaming. In current research, I focus on different subcultures and subgroups, including those that are countercultural. I address some of the implications for issues of economic equality.

Nonprofits provide a fascinating insight into this diversity, since they deal with it every day in their efforts against inequality. 
Text Box: Contact: mjindra@nd.edu

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