Of God and His Creatures

St Gregory Nazianzen, in one of his poems, calls God "one and all things and nothing."

In the Summa Theologica, B. I, q. 13, art. 2, St Thomas guards his statement thus: "Of the names that are predicated of God absolutely and affirmatively, as 'good,' 'wise,' and the like, some have said that all such names are invented rather to remove something from God than to posit anything in Him. . . . . But this account is unsatisfactory. . . . And therefore we must say otherwise, that such names do signify the divine substance . . . . but fail to represent it perfectly. . . . None of them is a perfect expression of the substance of God, but each of them signifies it imperfectly, as creatures also represent it imperfectly."

Of God and His Creatures: 1.14