Of God and His Creatures

Miracles show that physical nature, the cosmos of necessary cause and effect, is not everything; that some cause of another order has stept in to alter the effect from what it would have been, had physical causes alone operated. Such a cause is man himself, much more God. The forces of physical nature, were they endowed with consciousness, would regard all man's manipulation of nature as miraculous: a house would be a miracle to them or a railway. Geology does not build railways, nor gravitation cathedrals. There Mind and Will has come in. God, too, has Mind and Will and Power, beyond that of man; and a miracle shows it. A miracle does not clash with 'nature'; but evidences that what we call 'nature' is not all the power that is. People who believe in nature, physical nature, and nothing but physical nature, will not hear of miracles. But what is there in physical nature to assure them that such nature is all in all, and that there is nothing beyond it?

Of God and His Creatures: 4.55