Of God and His Creatures

The fourth property is usually called 'subtlety'. St Thomas does not use the name, but indicates what is meant by it in the next chapter (Chap. LXXXVI), where he assigns as the "place of glorified bodies" the region above all the heavens (Eph. iv, 10), by which he understands the solid crystal spheres which carry the stars. Then to the difficulty, "that these heavenly spheres cannot be broken, for the glorified bodies to rise above them," he answers: "The glorified bodies will be compenetrable with other bodies, of which we have evidence in the Body of Christ, which came in to the disciples when the doors were shut" (John xx, 19). This is the property of 'subtle ty,' whereby a glorified body passes through obstacles with the freedom of a spirit.

Is the heaven of glorified bodies in some remote star? Or is it in some unknown dimensions of space? There is a mystery in that cloud which received him out of their sight (Acts i, 9); and in those clouds of heaven in which he shall come again (Matt. xxvi, 64: Acts i, 11).

Of God and His Creatures: 4.86