Past Events


Multicultural Rosary

Location: Coleman-Morse Center Chapel
( February 16, 2016 )

AAA holds a multicultural rosary each semester. The rosary is prayed in different languages, and this event celebrates the diversity that Notre Dame is blessed with.

asian allure

Asian Allure

Location: Washington Hall
( December 4 – 5, 2014 )

The Asian American Association presented its annual signature production, Asian Allure! This year's theme, “Define”, discussed Asian identity and community at Notre Dame. Through the art of dance, fashion, music, and speech, the show exposed the voices and growing experiences of different individuals in both traditional and modern styles.


ThAAAnksgiving Dinner

Location: Coleman-Morse Center Lounge
( November 26, 2015 )

AAA celebrates this gracious day with all! A great feast was cooked and served by the AAA officers and volunteers. The food sure was tasty!


Chicago Trip

Location: Chicago
( November 25, 2015 )

AAA conquered Chicago.

fall formal

A Night Under the Stars

Location: Oak Room – South Dining Hall
( November 14, 2014 )

AAA and BSA hosted a Fall Formal in South Dining Hall. It was a night to remember.

asian cafe

Asian Café

Location: Coleman Morse Center Lounge
( November 7, 2014 )

AAA enjoys the talented people that performed that night. The open mic and the delicious refreshments made the night even better.


Mass & Lunch

Location: Coleman Morse Center Chapel
( September 28, 2014 )

AAA set a time to feast and celebrate the Eucharist.


Beach Bash

Location: Behind Lyons Hall
( September 19, 2014 )

The first general meeting of the year where the officers who bring you all the best events and more were introduced. Basics of the club were covered volleyball and flag football helped make use of the South Bend sun.


Freshman Retreat

Location: Sacred Heart Parish Center
( September 12 – 13, 2014 )

A 2 day retreat where Freshman were given the opportunity to meet new people, talk with upperclassmen who helped lead the retreat, reflect on themselves, and have fun!


Concession Stand

Location: In front of Alumni Hall
( September 6, 2014 )

AAA grilled kept calm and kept grilling on to beat Michigan.