Web Resources on Russian Language, Literature, and Culture
(and a couple of Polish links)

***for students of Russian***
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General Russian Resources
Configure your computer to read Russian
Why Study Russian website
Russian Mentor
Russnet: Russian Resources including Cyrillic Tutorial and Online Language Modules
Russian Life Magazine
LifeJournal Community for students of Russian

Russian and Polish Language Practice (see also General Russian Resources)
George Mitrevski's Russian Grammar and Reading Exercises online
Robert Beard's Interactive Online Russian Reference Grammar
Mini-Russian Grammar Review (PowerPoint Presentation)
Russian Vocabulary online
Russian Crossword Puzzles

Russian Literature Online (texts in Russian)
From the Ends to the Beginning: A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Verse
Selected works of 19th and 20th Century Russian Writers (with aids for Russian language learners)
Stikhia: Russian and Soviet Poetry Online
Maksim Moshkov's Library of Russian Literature Online

FEB: Fundamental Electronic Library of Russian Literature and Folklore (complete works and reference materials)
Russian Virtual Library (literature of the 18th-20th centuries)
Russian Library of Classics

Online Russian reference books

Gramota.ru Online Russian Dictionary
Megabook.ru Online References (including encyclopedias, Ozhegov's Dictionary, and English-Russian/Russian-English Dictionary)
Online Dictionary of V. Dal'
Andrei Sabelfeld's English-Russian Dictionary
Babylon (including Dictionary of Orthography, Dictionary of Foreign Words, Brokhaus and Efron's Dictionary)--for Internet Explorer users

Slavic Reference Services
University of Illinois Slavic Reference Service: Electronic Resources for Slavists

Slavic Studies listserv
SEELANGS: Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures List

Russian Studies Websites at other universities
Tom Beyer's Basic Internet Links on Russian History and Culture
Seton Hall Russian and Slavic Links
Bucknell University Russian Resources Page
Russia Today: Russian Alphabet, 100 Russian Signs, Russian Culture High and Low
Kenyon College Russian Links Page
Rita Lipson's Website "The Icon and the Fax: Emerging Trends in Russian Culture" (Yale University)


Internet Search Engines
Kulichki Russian Web Search Engine

Yandex: Russian Web Search Engine
Rambler: Russian Web Search Engine
MegaBook: Russian Web Search Engine
Polish Web Search Engine

Indexes of Russian and East European Resources on the Web
Slavophilia: Guide to Internet Resources on Russian and Eastern and Central Europe
Sher's Russian Index
REESWeb--Virtual Library of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh
Hokkaido University Slavic Research Center Giant Links Collection

Russian news and current events
Russia Today: Online News of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
Lenta.ru Online Russian News
Russian News from the BBC
U.S. State Department's Russian-language news page
Radio Liberty
Izvestia (Russian Newspaper)
Echo of Moscow Radio Station
TV Center Daily Russian News Program Online
Russian TV Guide
Russian Webcasts (in simplified Russian, with listening comprehension exercises)
Russian Alliance Radio News (New York)


Russian literary studies
Ruthenia: Chronicle of Academic Life
Philologica: Bilingual Journal of Russian and Theoretical Philology
Russian Philological Portal (online articles on Russian literature by leading Russian scholars)

Women in Russia
Russian Feminist Academic Resources

Study in Russia
Volunteer opportunities in Russia
List of Study Abroad Programs in Russia
Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg

Russian booksellers
Oriental Research Partners

Panorama of Russia
Thornton's Bookshop
Natasha Kozmenko Booksellers
Viktor Kamkin Bookstore
Szwede Slavic Books
Lexicon Bridge Publishers
Books without Borders (children's books, videos, and gifts from around the world, including Russia)
Kniga.com Booksellers
KnigiPochtoi.com Booksellers

Russian music and videos
Russian DVD.com Online Russian Music and Video Store

Russian Cinema Council
Facets Video Catalogue
Kino International

Professional organizations
American Association for Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies
American Council of Teachers of Russian
Association for Women in Slavic Studies
Canadian Association of Slavists


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