daylilies, daylilies, daylilies

I'm not sure how or when we got hooked on daylilies. We had some in Illinois when we lived there, many of which I grew from seed. A few years ago, we found a number of great daylilies farms in northwest Indiana. Our favorite is Coburg Planting Fields near Valparaiso, Indiana, but we've picked up lots of others along the way too. At last count we had over a hundred different varieties. I haven't even tried to keep track of the names like I have with the hostas.





Here are just a few of the flowers. The pictures just don't due them justice though.

The photo to the right is the front of the house. We have daylilies between the fence and the sidewalk, all along the front of our property. It's quite a sight when they are all in bloom.

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