The Great Pond Adventure

In 1997, Ed and I started talking about putting a pond in our garden. We read up on them, went on pond tours in the Chicago area and in Michiana where we live, and discussed just what our pond would look like. Some people might have thought we never were going to actually make one, but we did!

Here's the area where the pond is going. It's the northeast corner of the yard. When we moved in twelve years ago, there were some crab apple trees back here, but one came down in a storm and the others died over the years and the area just became a hidden place for yard waste. We had a huge brush pile back there that we cleaned out last year when the other big tree back there--a hemlock--died.

  This is standing in the main yard and looking through the arbor.
  Once through the arbor, the St. Francis garden is to your right. Somewhere in all the hosta is a statue of a cat and one of a dog.
  Looking more northeast, you can see the hosta from the St. Francis garden on the right. The white pine on the left was a reasonable plant but everything else was junk.
This is looking straight north of the arbor. On the other side of the fence is an alley and then our neighbors to the north.
  This is looking to the left once you are through the arbor. That box in the back is a butterfly house and the tree to the left is a crab apple. It's visible in the first picture, just to the left of the arbor.

Okay, now you've seen what we started with. To see phase 2, go to the next page.