The Paternity Question

by Andrea Edwards

Silhouette Special Edition

May, 1998

ISBN 0-373-24175-5


What happens when our hero inadvertantly agrees to father the heroine's child? Lots of sparks!


TV veteranarian Neil Sheridan longs for the simplicity of Nick's, his twin brother, life and agrees to a short trading of places. Three Oaks, Michigan was going to be quiet and relaxing, no stress, no strains. And it was, at least for his first ten minutes in town. Then his brother's best friend Lisa Hughes reminds him of the favor she'd asked him. Wanting to escape detection, Neil decides to be the best damn Nick there ever was and tells Lisa that he'll be happy to help her out- not knowing that the "favor" involves the paternity of the baby she wants.

Lisa's thrilled and then puzzled. Why does "Nick" seem to panic every time she starts taking her clothes off?

Double Wedding: Who Will She Wed? by Andrea Edwards, Silhouette Special Edition, June, 1998

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