AME Conference 2008

34th Annual Meeting of the Association for Moral Education University of Notre Dame November 13-16, 2008

Welcome to the Official Website of the 34th annual meeting of the Association for Moral Education

This conference challenges participants to reflect on the ways in which moral education informs and is in turn informed by faith and political perspectives in a diverse and complex global community. How can moral education influence our deepest aspirations for universal peace and justice, and how can moral education strengthen old and new democracies around the world?

The annual meeting of the Association of Moral Education will be held at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana. It is co-sponsored by Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives, Bethel College, St. Mary’s College and Ball State University’s Teachers College.

The meetings will take place at McKenna Hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, and in other venues on and near campus. There are hotel accommodations across the street from McKenna Hall in the Morris Inn on the Notre Dame campus, and in newly constructed hotels within short walking or shuttle distance of the conference center.

Conference Program

AME08 Conference Planning Committee

  • Clark Power and Dan Lapsley, University of Notre Dame
  • Darcia Narvaez, University of Notre Dame
  • Anthony Holter, University of Notre Dame
  • Kendall Cotton Bronk, Ball State University
  • Alesha Serocyznski, Bethel College
  • Patti McCready, University of Notre Dame
  • Ann Power, University of Notre Dame
  • Jay Brandenberger, University of Notre Dame

Kohlberg Memorial Lecture

The Kohlberg Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr. James Youniss, the Wylma R. & James. R. Curtin Professor of Psychology at Catholic University and Fellow of the Life Cycle Institute.

Dr. Youniss and his students study the impact of community service and other kinds of activism on youth's civic-political and moral development. Their research shows that the effectiveness of service depends on the kind of program within which it occurs (i.e., type of service, organizers of the service, rationale for service). Dr. Youniss is also part of a team that studies the well-being of religiously-affiliated colleges and universities in the United States.

Plenary Note Key Speakers


Pre-Conference Symposium On the Moral Personality

Thursday, November 13, 2008

McKenna Hall, University of Notre Dame

Symposium speakers:

  • John Doris, Washington University
  • Owen Flanagan, Duke University
  • Jorge Moll, National Institutes of Health
  • Linda Skitka, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • David Wong, Duke University