Graduate Courses

Typical first year plan of study:

AME 60611 (or CBE 60542) Mathematical Methods I (required for all students)
Two Electives*

Typically Three Electives*

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

*First year electives for Ph.D. students typically include at least two "area" electives covered on the Ph.D. qualifying exam. Electives are chosen with the consultation of an academic advisor.

Other Requirements:
Math Elective (one required for all Ph.D. students):
AME 60612 Mathematical Methods II
any 60000 or higher applied math elective

Numerical Methods Elective (one required for all Ph.D. students):
AME 60613 Finite Elements in Engineering
AME 60614 Numerical Methods

Recommended Electives:
"Area" electives for the Ph.D. qualifying exam are denoted by asterisks (*).
AME 50541 Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials
AME 50571 Biomaterials
AME 60613 Finite Elements in Engineering
AME 60624 Continuum Mechanics
AME 60641 Advanced Mechanics of Solids (*)
AME 60643 Mechanics of Sliding Surfaces (*)
AME 60645 Mechanical Behavior of Materials (*)
AME 60646 Failure of Materials (*)
AME 60661 Optimum Design (*)
AME 60671 Orthopaedic Biomechanics (*)
AME 60672 Cell Mechanics
AME 60673 Kinematics of Human Motion
AME 90944 Elasticity
AME 90974 Advanced Topics in Biomechanics
CBE 60554 Bioprocess Engineering
CBE 60556 Polymer Engineering
CBE 60561 Structure of Solids
CBE 60581 Biomedical Engineering Transport Phenomena
CBE 60682 Biomaterials Engineering
CBE 60913 Macromolecular Engineering
CSE 40531/60531 Computational Biophysics and Systems Biology

Recommended Electives in the College of Science:
Since engineers may not have the appropriate background to immediately take graduate level biology or biochemistry, two 400 level electives are allowed to count toward degree requirements. Depending on their background, students interested in some courses may be required to take one or two introductory courses that do not count toward degree requirements. New courses are under development to minimize such restrictions.

BIOS 30341 Cell Biology
BIOS 60531 Molecular Biology I
BIOS 60532 Molecular Biology II
BIOS 60639 Advanced Cell Biology I
BIOS 60640 Advanced Cell Biology II
CHEM 20223 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 20224 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 30341 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
CHEM 40420 Principles of Biochemistry
CHEM 90620 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 90653 Surface Chemistry
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