In the summer of 2006 five AME faculty members and their graduate students moved into the Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Building, adjacent to the Hessert Laboratory. The 25,000 square foot and $6.8M building consolidates and expands multidisciplinary research facilities in biomedical engineering across the College of Engineering. Initial occupants from AME include Profs. Ovaert, Niebur, Roeder, Schmid and Wagner, along with faculty from Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Current biomedical research activities in AME include both experimental and computational investigations of structure-function relationships in skeletal tissues and cells, as well as the design, manufacturing and evaluation of new synthetic biomaterials for orthopaedic devices. The Multidisciplinary Engineering Research Building houses more than a dozen laboratories designed specifically for biomedical research, including the:

• Biological Tissue Laboratory,
• Biomaterials Processing Laboratory,
• Biomedical Imaging Laboratory,
• Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory,
• Histology and Specimen Preparation Laboratory,
• Manufacturing Laboratory,
• Micromechanics Laboratory,
• Mechanical Testing Laboratory,
• Tissue Engineering and Mechanics Laboratory
• Tribology Laboratory. 

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