Our Goals

• Develop a community of members interested in Asian business or of Asian background.
• Provide Professional and Cultural Value through club activities.
• Extend the above values to non-members.



What's New:

First club meeting: Thursday Sep. 18, 2003 Room 160
Come for a relaxing, enjoyable, and informative lunch break. Food will be served. (detailed agenda to follow soon)
We would like to say thanks to everyone who has come to our football information session and the movie Rudy show. The enthusiasm of our members (both old and new) is very impressive. Hope we can keep the energy rolling to make the club a great success.

Currently, there are three leadership positions available in the club:
Treasurer (1 position)
Activities Chair (2 positions)

The responsibility of each position is in line with what the title suggests. However, as this club has a key focus on membership participation and ownership, we want to encourage people to get more involved. Besides these leadership roles, there are also projects you can take charge like Asia Now!, Alumni Contact, professional development etc. (we’ll elaborate these ideas at our club meeting, so make sure to be there). As we hope to be a community of friends, this is a club where we grow together and have fun together.


AMSA Meeting, April 2003
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