Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation was an intensive four day event focused on preparing new students for success in ROTC. This year we spent three days at Fort Custer, Michigan, focusing on fundamental military training from Drill and Ceremony to Basic Rifle Marksmanship. New cadets were introduced to Military Land Navigation techniques and conducted a Field Leader's Reaction Course. The Army Physical Fitness Test was also administered in preparation for scholarship contracting.

For Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) standards CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for a video of the proper form during the APFT.

CLICK HERE for the Frosh'O Packet.

If you wish to start the enrollment process, the following forms are needed:

CC Form 139-R (fill out pages 1 and 2 electronically then print)

DA Form 3425-R (this allows you to participate in the physical fitness program)

CC Form 137-R-E (Part one must be signed to access your transcripts)

Release of Liability (this allows you to participate in Frosh-O at Fort Custer)