An Average Week

Semesters in ROTC are full of training and special events designed to strengthen your leadership skills. Here are a few of the recurring events.

Physical Training

  • Monday & Tuesday PT sessions (ND, Holy Cross, Saint Mary's, Bethel, IUSB)
  • 0630 – 0730
  • Monday & Tuesday PT sessions (Valpo)
  • 0600 – 0700

Military Science Lab

  • Every Wednesday from 1630-1830
  • Practice leadership skills and basic Army tactics and techniques.

Military Science Class

  • Study the art and science of leadership.
  • Every Wednesday:
  • MS100 from 1900-2000
  • MS200 from 1900-2100
  • MS300 from 1900-2130
  • MS400 from 1900-2130

Field Training Exercise

  • In addition to regular weekly events, we spend one three day weekend each semester focused on leadership development through rigorous field training