Branching Opportunities

All of your performance in ROTC through your training at LDAC will be evaluated and used to place you on a national order of merit list (OML). This OML will be used to determine your branch. The following is a breakdown of the numbers.

Your Academic Performance (40%)

  • Cumulative GPA through the spring semester of your junior year.

Leadership Program Evaluation (60%)

Leadership (45%)

  • (6.75) Performance during individual events at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC).
  • (11.25) Overall LDAC performance rating by the Platoon Tactical Officer.
  • (4.50) Land Navigation first score at LDAC.
  • (6.75) Your position on the pre LDAC Order of Merit List as established by the Professor of Military Science (PMS) at the end of your junior year. You are ranked against the cadets in the battalion.
  • (4.50) After graduating LDAC there will be a new Order of Merit List created by the PMS based on your performance at LDAC.
  • (4.50) There are points awarded for attending additional military training while in ROTC.
  • (2.25) Points are awarded for Language courses taken.

Physical Performance (15%)

  • (1.69) Your performance on the Fall Record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
  • (2.36) Your performance on the Spring Record APFT.
  • (9.45) Your score on your first attempt of the LDAC APFT.
  • (1.50) There are points awarded for participation in varsity, intamural or community sports.


There is an additional point awarded to those outstanding cadets ranked in the top five of their platoon at LDAC.

Those achieving RECONDO status at LDAC will recieve an additional .5 to their final OML score.