Housing for Faculty and Staff

Unfortunately, there is no post housing or reserved housing for those of us assigned to the Fightin’ Irish Battalion. This does require a lot more effort on our part. Renting a home in this area is difficult. Buying a home is less trouble but will take time. This will cause you to burn most if not all of your TLA. It is beneficial to visit early and look around the area before moving.

Some links you may find handy

Rentals.com will give you an idea of what is out here. There is not a large selection of homes for rent in the area.

Do not focus all of your effort trying to find something close. The traffic is not an issue. Our cadre live in a variety of locations; South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, Osceola.

If you have school age children, be sure to check out the schools in the area you plan to live.