Branching Opportunities

Your performance throughout ROTC will be evaluated and used to place you on a national order of merit list (OML). This OML will be used to determine your branch.

Academic Performance (50%)

  • Cumulative GPA through the spring semester of your junior year.
  • Three standardized tests TBD.

Leadership Program Evaluation (50%)

Leadership Performance (35%)

  • Your Order of Merit as established by the Professor of Military Science (PMS) at the end of your junior year. You are ranked against the cadets in the battalion.
  • There are points awarded for attending additional military training while in ROTC.
  • Points are awarded for certain language courses.

Physical Performance (15%)

  • Your performance on the Fall Record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
  • Your performance on the Spring Record APFT.
  • There are points awarded for participation in varsity, intramural, or community sports.