Fall FTX

The Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise) takes place during a weekend in September or October at Fort Custer, Michigan. During the FTX, cadets have the opportunity to apply the skills taught in leadership labs througout the early fall. Junior cadets serve as squad leaders for STX (Situational Training Exercise) lanes and receive their first individual assessment in the Army leadership dimensions. For underclassmen, it's an opportunity to see how the specific skills of radio operations, mission planning, individual movement, first aid, fit together in complex missions lasting approximately 2 hours. Cadets execute five to six of these missions over the course of the weekend making this event a great learning opportunity for all.

Senior cadets plan and coordinate the weekend's events and learn to function as a Battalion Staff, a critical skill for future Army leaders. In addition, cadets have the opportunity to use paintball equipment, adding realism and excitement to the training, and practice day and night land navigation in teams or as individuals.