New Cadet Orientation

Affectionately know as Freshman Orientation or FroshO, this is a four day event focused on preparing new students for success in Army ROTC, with most training conducted at Fort Custer, Michigan. New cadets learn basic marching skills, how to identify military rank, basic rifle marksmanship, and land navigation skills. Cadets take their first Army Physical Fitness Test and get to test out their land navigation skills in teams with experienced cadets. A highlight of training is the Field Leader's Reaction Course, where cadets work in teams to solve problems using creativity, planning, and critical thinking skills. Orientation concludes with a barbeque back at the University of Notre Dame, where cadets officially join the Fightin' Irish Battalion.

Video from 2009 Freshman Orientation

Passing the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is one of the scored events during Freshman Orientation. If you would like to see a video demonstrating proper form for each APFT event CLICK HERE.

For APFT standards CLICK HERE.