Warrior Night

Near the end of the fall semester, the Fightin' Irish Battalion comes together and takes part in a team building activity of a different kind.  We partake of hearty (non-alcoholic) grog and test ourselves in various inter-platoon competitions.  These tests of strength and agility build morale and camaraderie.  This event is known to the Fightin’ Irish Battalion as Warrior Night.

A long-time tradition in the program, Warrior Night is a unique way for cadets to celebrate the end of the semester with some fun competition and camaraderie.

The competition sometimes includes a platoon vs. platoon Tug-O-War, several rounds of dodge ball, and sumo-wrestling matches (pictured above).  The sight of cadets bouncing around on the floor and into each other in the oversized, padded sumo-suits is widely considered the most amusing spectacle of the night.

Warrior Night is a lot of fun, but it is also an important team building event.  It's about forming the bonds that have held cadets (and more importantly, Soldiers) together for generations.