Ashley P. Thrall

Myron and Rosemary Noble Assistant Professor

of Structural Engineering

University of Notre Dame
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
and Earth Sciences



CE 20150 - Statics (Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

Introduction to systems of forces and couples; vector mechanics. Equilibrium of rigid bodies. Internal forces and moments, trusses and beams, distributed loads and properties of areas. Friction and virtual work.


CE 40285/60285 - Bridge Engineering (Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015)

Overview of bridge engineering, focusing on behavior, analysis, and design. Course will highlight standard forms for highway and long-span bridges, including girder, truss, arch, suspension, and cable-stay bridges. Fundamental techniques for analysis and design will be emphasized (e.g. influence lines, graphic statics) and current design code will be introduced.


CE 40280 - Structural Steel Design (Spring 2012)
Design of structural steel members/systems using basic fundamentals of mechanics, principles of steel behavior at element and system level. Course integrates current codes/standards and commercial software into semester-long project, providing for direct application of concepts to the design of a mid-rise structural steel residential/commercial building.


Structural Steel Design

Structural Steel Design Field Trip to the Stayer Center (Spring 2012)


Structural Steel Design

Bridge Engineering Field Trip to the Wells Street Bascule Bridge (Fall 2013)



Hoberman Sphere at the Liberty Science Center (top), Willis Avenue Bridge (middle), and Tipi (bottom).