Math 40750, PDE, Syllabus

Textbook:"Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction" by Walter A Strauss.

The project is supposed to be the fun part of the course. Your group may choose any subjects listed below. You may choose only one subject and you cannot choose a subject that is already taken by the others. Here are the rules: You may send me an email at any time before April 6 with the following information:

  • the names of your group, the minimum number is 2, the maximum 4;
  • The project you would like to take on. If you choose option 1, also indicating the section. If you choose 2, detaining your subject.
  • You may list several projects, ranked in order of preferences, in case the project is already taken by your classmate.
  • You should receive an email from your instructor confirming your choice of the project.


    1. Present a sectoin from the book that is not listed in the Syllabus;
    2. Present a topic of PDE application from other books that is not include in our text book; examples include: Stefan Problem; Black-Scholes Problem; etc.