Number of Bullfrogs: 142
Number of Sections: 5
Number of Rooms: 104

Furniture: Provided by the University; beds can be bunked, lofted, or left on the floor. Includes a desk and a wardrobe. Most rooms also have sinks.
Air Conditioning: Only on first floor, and it's spotty. You won't miss it except for the first and last couple of weeks of the school year.
Elevator: Nope, Badin Bullfrogs like to hop up those stairs!
Exercise Room: On the first floor, fully equipped with a treadmill, an elliptical, a bike, free weights, and exercise balls and mats. There are also TVs in front of the treadmill and elliptical, so you don't miss a single episode of your favorite show!
Kitchens: On the first and fourth floors, both with ovens, microwaves, sinks, and various cooking appliances and eating utensils. The first floor kitchen is across from the dining room (which also have vending machines!), and the fourth floor kitchen has a dining room area attached.
Laundry: On the first floor, equipped with 6 washers, 6 dryers, an ironing area, and a sink. There's a change machine to get quarters, or a terminal to use Domer Dollars (read more about Domer Dollars HERE ). If you run out of laundry soap or dryer sheets, you can also buy small packages of either for about 50 cents.
Social spaces: The Pond (large) and the Puddle (smaller) are both located on the first floor, and have a variety of comfy couches, chairs, and tables, along with TVs and even some gaming systems. There's also the porch, a small lounge area on the second floor, and a larger lounge area on the fourth floor with another TV (connected to Netflix!).
Study spaces: There are study rooms on the second and third floors, and little "nooks" on the fourth floor with desks and lamps. Lots of people also study in the dining room areas, the Pond, and the Puddle, but they're not as quiet as the designated study rooms.
Floor plans (click to pull up an image): First floor | Second floor | Third floor | Fourth floor |