We would be nowhere without the very special people listed below!

President: Meg Corscadden
Vice President: Molly Clark
Social Media Chair: Kristine Anderson
Secretary: Kristine Anderson and Jessica Deutsch
Senator: Claire Marie Kuhn
SUB Representative: Nicole Emery

Badin has over twenty total commissions which improve various aspects of dorm life, from planning dances to celebrating birthdays. They are split into 7 'Umbrella Commissions' with Head Commissioners for each umbrella. They are a vital part of keeping the Badin spirit alive!

Hope Initiative Umbrella Commission:
Head Commissioner: Kathleen Ryan
Conscious Christmas: Maggie FitzGerald, Helen Favorite, Patricia Kim, Emily White, Kathleen Ryan, Sabrina Muckle, Gaby O'Dougherty, Natalie McNerney, Hailey Fulwider, Maggie Dever, Ally Halonen
Polar Bear Plunge: Maggie FitzGerald, Kelly Heiniger, Helen Favorite, Kathleen Ryan, Hailey Fulwider, Natalie McNerney, Patricia Kim, Emily White, Maggie Dever, Lane Nicolay

Dance Umbrella Commission:
Head Commissioner: Kristine Anderson
SYR: Maggie FitzGerald, Audrey Meier, Kristine Anderson, Helen Favorite, Claire Marie Kuhn, Nora McGreevy
Formal: Maggie FitzGerald, Bridget Rickard, Kristine Anderson, Helen Favorite, Claire Marie Kuhn, Nora McGreevy

Fitness Umbrella Commission:
Head Commissioner: Nicole Schneider
Liaison to the McDonald Center: Alex Fincher
Liaison to RecSports: Natalie McNerney
Health and Wellness: Alex Fincher, Nicole Schneider, Karina Chamorro, Molly Gonzalez, Maren Flood, Lane Nicolay, Katie Salley
Athletic: Karina Chamorro, Madeline Weinberger, Caitlyn Van Kirk, Anna Sheridan, Molly Gonzalez, Maren Flood
Keough Chariot Race & Fisher Regatta: Keenan White

Social Umbrella Commission:
Head Commissioners: Anna Sheridan and Alyssa Cook
Liaison to GRC: Nora McGreevy
Multicultural Liaison: Maggie Dever
Big/Little: Steph Dubois, Alessandra Henry, Jacqui Aguirre, Mariana Edmond, Kristine Anderson, Claire Marie Kuhn, Molly Kress, Meredith Soward, Kathleen Ryan, Alex Fincher, Katie Salley, Catherine Etchart
Tea Time: Jessica Deutsch
Brother/Sister: Claire Gorman, Alessandra Henry, Alyssa Cook, Anna Sheridan, Annie Goodman, Claudia Rose Keating, Maggie Dever, Keenan White
Birthday: Jacqui Aguirre, Molly Kress, Meridith Balbach

Academic Umbrella Commission:
Head Commissioners: Claire Gorman (Fall Semester) and Bridget Rickard (Spring Semester)
Study Abroad: Madeline Weinberger, Maggie Dever
Art Show: Claire Gorman, Madeline Weinberger, Maddie Fairman
Something Interesting to Read: Claire Gorman, Kathleen Ryan, Maddie Fairman
Faculty Dinner: Francesca Prospero, Bridget Rickard, Gabi O'Dougherty

Standalone Umbrella Commission:
Spirit of Founders' Week and JPW:
Head Commissioner: Hailey Fulwider
Other Commission Members: Francesca Prospero, Kristine Anderson, Nora McGreevy
Parents' Weekend: Head Commissioner: Steph Dubois
Other Commission Members: Molly Gonzalez, Maren Flood, Annie Goodman, Sabrina Muckle, Ally Halonen, Alyssa Cook, Anna Sheridan
South Bend Outreach:
Head Commissioners: Helen Favorite and Maggie FitzGerald
Other Commission Members: Nora McGreevy, Nicole Schneider, Caitlyn Van Kirk, Maggie Fitzgerald, Lane Nicolay, Emma Erwin

Miscellaneous Commissions:
Apparel: Alessandra Henry, Audrey Meier, Alyssa Cook, Annie Goodman, Claudia Rose Keating, Ally Halonen
Hall Improvement: Meridith Balbach, Kelly Heiniger, Emma Erwin
Rockne: Jessica Deutsch
Sustainability: Meredith Soward, Francesca Prospero, Elizabeth Cannon
Liturgical: Elizabeth Cannon, Kelly Koerwer, Jessica Deutsch, Madelyn Nelson, Alex Viegut
Liason to Campus Ministry: Jessica Deutsch

Support Staff
Housekeepers: Peggy and Canary
NDSP Officers: Bonnie and Emily
Hall Fellows: Ann-Marie Conrado and Kathy Cummings