Part of Notre Dame’s mission is to educate the heart and mind, a goal that comes from the Congregation of the Holy Cross's belief that "the mind should not be cultivated at the expense of the heart." Badin’s mission is similar. We're not just bullfrogs; we’re also children of God, students, friends, young women, daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters… you get the point. We have many "ponds" to live in, and Badin Hall strives to nurture all of these by creating a healthy, happy, safe, and secure community for all Bullfrogs and visitors.

With that in mind, this section is separated into the following pages: Academic, Spiritual, Social, and Service. The “Stall Notes” section contains the list of upcoming events that is compiled by our Secretary every week at Hall Council.

Badin Hall supports our Bullfrogs in their academic endeavors not only through various study spaces throughout the dorm, but also through our community standards of respectful and quiet hours. Quiet hours are extended to 23/7 (with just one precious hour of noise!) during finals week. Badin also organizes several academically-focused events each year: Majors Night, where freshmen and sophomores can talk with upperclassmen from different majors to get a feel of what they’d like to do; Discernment Dinner, for freshmen and a faculty member of their choosing, also to help them choose a major; and Invite Your Favorite Faculty to Dinner Night, when sophomores and juniors have a chance to get to know one of their favorite professors. These are put on in addition to any events planned throughout the year by Academic Commission.

We support our Bullfrogs’ spiritual lives—whatever religion they may be—in many ways. Mass is offered in Badin’s chapel at 10pm on Sundays and 9:30pm on Tuesdays, and is an important time for us Bullfrogs to come together and pray. Sister Denise is always available for spiritual direction or just a chat, and the Spirituality and Liturgical commissions put on various events throughout the year. In the 2013-2014 academic year, for example, Spirituality made a Badin Christmas Music Video for us to send home to our parents and organized a Badin NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month)—look for Badin’s book on Amazon soon! (But really, we’re published authors.)

Work hard, play hard—we Bullfrogs know how to have fun! Badin Hall, along with most other dorms on campus, has two dances each year. Our SYR (Set up Your Roommate, but you can take that as literally as you want) is usually in the fall, and our formal is usually in the spring. Birthdays are celebrated the first Sunday of every month with treats and a social, you can almost always find a group of girls having a movie watch in one of the social spaces, and so many of the events put on by our commissions are a blast. We’ve played Minute to Win it-type games, participated in Section Olympics, tie-dyed T-shirts, held Academy Awards watches, done henna, and so much more. Oh, and we hold the "Miss Bullfrog" pageant every year—it's more like a comedy show than a pageant, and it's always a good time!

Badin is active in the Hope Initiative, which was founded by Ann-Marie Conrado, our Hall Fellow. The Hope Initiative is a charity devoted to bringing hope through education to the poor of Nepal. Badin supports the Hope Initiative through two of our signature events: A Conscious Christmas and the Polar Bear Plunge. A Conscious Christmas, usually held in the beginning of December, sells handmade artisan goods from Nepal that make great Christmas presents. The Polar Bear Plunge, usually held in February, is an event where crazy college students donate money to jump into St. Joseph’s Lake in sub-zero temperatures, just for bragging rights. All proceeds from both events go to the Hope Initiative. Badin has raised over $8,000 in the fall semester of 2013 alone. CLICK HERE to read more about the Hope Initiative.

Badin is also involved in Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters, or NPH) Honduras, through sponsoring a fifteen-year-old Honduran girl named Suany. We exchange letters with Suany and send her Badin apparel, and many Bullfrogs are also involved in a similar club called Friends of the Orphans (FOTO) on campus. CLICK HERE to read more about our relationship with Suany.