So thank you for sending them to Notre Dame! Badin would be nothing without all of our Bullfrogs, and our Bullfrogs would be nothing without you. With that in mind, this page is all about you—we've compiled some information we think you'll find useful.

Send packages and home-baked goodies here:
[Your Daughter's Name]
[Room Number] Badin Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Domer Dollars
You can load money onto your daughter's ND ID card at any time HERE. You'll just need to know their netID. Ask your daughter for hers, because long last names are cut off and common last names are often given numbers. She'll be able to use Domer Dollars in many of the eateries on campus, some off-campus (including Chipotle!), and to do her laundry (there's a discount for using Domer Dollars instead of quarters).

Your daughter will have filled out a new "blue card" every year, which gives us all of her basic medical and contact information. Hall Staff can access these when necessary and contact the appropriate person if something happens. We take your daughter's safety and security very seriously! Additionally, Sister Denise asks that you notify her if something serious happens (i.e., a grandparent passes away) so that she can keep an eye on her and make sure she's doing okay.

First-Year Orientation (FYO)
You’ve read all about Frog-O, but what about University orientation? See the FYO WEBSITE for more information.

Junior Parents Weekend (JPW)
This is a weekend for juniors to bring their parents to Notre Dame for a weekend of family, food, and fun. Badin holds a brunch during this weekend for all of our junior Bullfrogs. Please see the JPW WEBSITE for more information.

Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP)
The University has its own police force, and Badin has two police officers, Bonnie and Emily, who are part of a squad that patrols dorms on South Quad every night. You can contact NDSP at any time at (574) 631-555. See THEIR WEBSITE for more information.

Notre Dame Fire Department (NDFD)
We also have our own Fire Department, and run regular drills in every hall. Badin always does well at getting our Bullfrogs out in a safe and timely manner! See NDFD's WEBSITE for more information.

Summer Storage
Unfortunately, there is no summer storage offered anywhere on campus. Badin used to have a storage van that we shared with another dorm, but it was discontinued for the summer of 2013. No word yet on upcoming summers, but you should probably have a back-up plan just in case. There are plenty of off-campus storage units available, and girls often split them with their current or future roommates to make moving in and out even easier.

Please also look around the official NOTRE DAME PARENTS WEBSITE for even more information, or feel free to contact us if you're still stumped about something. Contact information is in the "about" pages. Thanks for visiting!