University of Notre Dame Ballroom Dance Club and Competition Team

Latin Lessons

Latin Lessons

Latin lessons are held on Monday evenings at 8:00-11:00pm in Rockne 205 (upstairs, to the right). Dues for these lessons are included in the dues for the semester, which are $30. These lessons focus slightly more on the technique behind the Latin dances (Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, and Jive). If you're interested in more in-depth dance instruction but have never done international style before, this is the perfect lesson for you, even if you are a complete beginner. You will get the most out of these lessons if you can come every week and also practice on your own outside of the lesson (with a partner from the lesson would be even better!)

What to Wear

For these lessons we recommend you wear clothing that you can move easily in. This means that jeans might not be the best idea.

Girls - Wear yoga pants, skirt, dress, or anything else you have that doesn't restrict movement. Wear something underneath your skirt if it will fly up when you spin. Ballroom, ballet, or jazz shoes are perfered, but socks will work too. Avoid tennis shoes or anything that is not securely fastened to your feet (i.e. flip flops). Talk to the officers if you are interested in purchasing a pair of shoes and we can help direct you.

Guys - Avoid any other clothing that restricts your movement. Athletic pants are your best bet, but jeans or slacks will also work if they are not too tight. Athletic shorts will also work. Khaki shorts are generally a bad idea, because they tend to be bulky and obscure leg movements, making it harder for you to see if you're doing a move correctly. Dance shoes (ballroom, jazz, or ballet) are ideal, but a pair of dress shoes with a non-rubber sole will also work very well. Otherwise, socks will work better than rubber-soled shoes, because the rubber will grip the floor and prevent you from gliding across it or pivoting. If you are interested in buying dance shoes, talk to the officers and we can help you pick out a pair online.