Competition Team

  • The Notre Dame Ballroom Club competes in numerous competitions throughout the year. We even host our own competition in March.

    Competition Format

  • Newcomer
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Novice
  • Pre-Champ
  • Champ

    Competition Results

    To see how we did at recent competitions, click here .


    The cost is $60 a semester. This price also includes all beginner lessons.

    As a club, we will be attending at least 3 competitions this year. Away competitions are fun events in which dancers get to bond with team members and show off their dance skills on a competition floor against other collegiate teams. Each member going to competitions will be expected to contribute $10 towards the cost of traveling to the competition. The rest of the competition fees will be covered by the club. However, for the club to cover your cost for these competitions, you must be in good standing with the club.

    Fundraising Activities

    This year, we will have multiple fundraising events that give members an opportunity to earn $5 off the next semester's dues for each event shift worked: