American Lessons


American lessons are Thursdays in Rolf's Activity Room 2 (upstairs, to the right) from 8:45-11:00 pm

The cost is $5 per lesson, or $40 for a semester membership. If you wish to come to both American and Latin Lessons (on Mondays!), the semester dues are $60.

What to Wear

For these lessons, wear anything you are comfortable dancing in. For girls, this can be anything from jeans to a dress. (Just make sure that you have something underneath if your skirt will fly up when you spin). For shoes, we recommend ballroom shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or socks, but any shoes with a non-rubber sole will work well. Feel free to wear heels or flats, but make sure they will stay on your feet when you dance (flip flops are not your friend). Tennis shoes are okay too, but they may inhibit some of your movement across the floor and you might find yourself in socks. Guys can wear any clothing they're comfortable in.