This week's hero is one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the 80's, the dashing, well muscled Aussie Rugby player turned actor: Jacko. He first made the transition from the field to the screen in the mid 80's in a series of energizer commercials, in which he would run around in a pink tank top (I remember him being in a pink tank top, but it is possible I am confusing him with Hulk Hogan of Mr. Nanny fame in a pink tutu. If anyone can either confirm or deny this, it is important that you contact the baritones immediately) physically knocking over anything powered by the competition's battery brand, communicating through his weird australian rap such catchy lines as "It'll surproise ya! The Energiza! Oy!!"

From here, Jacko went on to be the side kick of Sam Jones (of Flash Gordon fame) on the late 80's post-apocolyptic TV series, The Highwaymen, which aired for approximately 6 minutes before critics found the station broadcasting the signal and blew it up.

Finally, in the culmination of his career, Jacko appeared on the episode of The Simpsons where Bart went to Australia after making all those prank phone calls and almost got kicked by the big metal boot for introducing a foreign tree frog into the ecosystem, but finally escaped to the US Embassy in a kangaroo pouch. As I recall, his one line was "Oy!"

Here's to you, Jacko. BOOYA!

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