J. Dzursin, ND

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The Notre Dame Bioinformatics Laboratory focuses on computational genomics. We have been at the leading edge of related data-intensive technologies such as high-throughput sequencing and cloud computing, both active areas of our research. We also help organize international genomics efforts including the Anopheles genome cluster and the i5K project, which aims to sequence 5,000 arthropods (see right). At Notre Dame, we collaborate with multiple faculty members in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry and Biochemistry.

A common theme in our research is deriving long-range computational problems in the process helping our colleagues with their short-term bioinformatics needs. Most of this work centers on non-model organism "draft" sequences that are likely to never be finished (e.g., Anise swallowtail, shown on left). We are also currently developing tools and software systems for fragmented assemblies, especially those derived from ecological samples, which are made available here. Our work is largely externally funded by multiple awards from the National Institutes of Health.

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