University of Notre Dame
Department of Biology
NSF Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Program Director Dr. Michelle Whaley

Dr. Whaley has coordinated the biology summer research program for 12 of the
13 years she has been a faculty member in Biological Sciences.  Her research
is in retinal degeneration and apoptosis and she teaches cell biology and
genetics.  She is originally from Hawaii, went to Scripps College in
Southern California, and received her Ph.D. from Notre Dame.  She is very
committed to undergraduate students and will provide a rigorous but
supportive summer research program for the REU fellows.

Please contact Dr. Whaley at:
Michelle A. Whaley, Ph.D.
REU Program Director
University of Notre Dame
Department of Biological Sciences
Notre Dame, IN46556
(574) 631-9343

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