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About the Family Studies Center: Founded in June 1999, the Family Studies Center is located in Brownson Hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. The center houses full-time project staff offices and workrooms where data management and data entry takes place for several multi-year, externally funded projects, including the Me and My Family Project, the Couples and Kids Project, the Family Communication Project, the Northern Ireland Project, and the Project on Children and Marital Agression. The Family Studies Center is equipped with technology for coding observational data as well as numerous computers with advanced statistical programs. This center fosters informal as well as formal learning experiences for undergraduate, graduate students, post-docs and staff working on these research projects. The Family Studies Center is affiliated with the Notre Dame Psychology Department, as well as the Notre Dame Center for Children and Families, which houses research projects addressing related themes in child and family research involving multiple investigators from the Psychology Department.

Directions to the Family Studies Center: Brownson Hall is located on the north side of the Main Building, across from the St. Liam Hall Health Center and directly adjacent to Lewis Hall. The easiest way to reach the Family Studies Center is to use the Brownson Hall door that faces Lewis. The Family Studies Center is located on the 2nd Floor.


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