Notre Dame Endowed Chair
in Psychology
Principal Investigator

215 Haggar Hall
Notre Dame, IN

204 Brownson Hall
Notre Dame, IN

Dr. Mark Cummings is the Director of the Family Studies Center and co-Director of the Center for Children and Families. His research interests focus on family factors and child development, especially socio-emotional processes, associated with normal development and the development of psychopathology. Of particular interest are the influences of the qualities of the emotional relationships between the parents and between the parents and children, and relations with children’s adjustment. Recent directions include research on social ecological contexts and children, including political and community violence, and the role of families and children’s psychological processes in the effects of these contexts on child development. Another recent direction is the development and testing of prevention programs designed to improve family functioning, especially the quality of interparental and parent-child relationships, and children’s adjustment and well-being.

Dr. Cummings is the PI for the Northern Ireland Project, the Couples and Kids Project, and the Family Communication Project. He is co-PI and the PI for the Notre Dame site for the Me and My Family Project and the Project on Children and Marital Aggression. Sources of funding for these projects include the National Institute of Mental Health, William T. Grant Foundation, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Administration for Children and Families, and multiple grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,

Dr. Cummings also currently serves as a faculty fellow for The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

For more information concerning Dr. Cummings' research, including selected publications, visit his faculty website at the University of Notre Dame's Department of Psychology.

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