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September 6

Connie Weaver
University of Texas, Austin

Ticks and Tax: Joint Effects of Discrete (vs. Decimal) Pricing and Taxation on Ex Dividend Day Returns and Trading Volume

September 20

Margaret Shackell-Dowell
University of Notre Dame

Organizational Architecture in the New Economy: Evidence From Business-to-Consumer Internet Firms

September 27

Jeff Miller
University of Notre Dame

Pro-Forma Earnings Disclosures: Do Analysts and Nonprofessional Investors React Differently?

October 4

Rick Antle
Yale University

The Joint Determination of Audit Fees, Non-Audit Fees, and Abnormal Accruals

October 11

Lisa Sedor
University of Notre Dame

The Role of Mental Representations in Organizational Escalation of Commitment

October 18

Donal Byard
Baruch College

Firm Size and the Benefit of Analysts' Heterogeneous Interpretations of Public Disclosure

November 15

Sid Balachndran
Columbia University

Sink or Swim: Firms' Responses to Underwater Options Before and After the Accounting Change for Stock Option Pricing

December 6

Paquita Friday
University of Notre Dame

The Relation Between Accounting Choice and Voluntary Management Earnings Forecasts

January 10

Pat Murphy
University of Notre Dame

Ethics Workshop Reading

January 24

Ray Ball
University of Chicago

Earnings Quality in UK Private Firms

February 14

Maria Nondorf
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Accounting Choice and the Limitations to the Share Repurchase Option

February 24

Oliver Li
University of Notre Dame

Investor Tax Heterogeneity and Ex-Dividend Day Trading Volume - The Effect of Dividend Yield and Institutional Ownership

February 28

Andrew Schmidt
Arizona State University

The Persistence, Forecasting Ability, and Valuation of the Tax Change Component of Earnings

March 7

Brooke Elliott
University of Washington

Reconciling GAAP Losses and Pro Forma Profits: Effects on Investor Judgments