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Accountancy Department Workshop Series
Peter Easton, Coordinator


Name / Institution
Paper for Download
August 27
Lisa Sedor
University of Notre Dame

September 3

Tony Kang
McGill University
September 10
Margaret Shackell-Dowell
University of Notre Dame
Paper Unavailable
September 24
Oliver Li
University of Notre Dame
October 1
Sandra Vera-Munoz
University of Notre Dame
October 15
Elizabeth Gordon
Rutgers University
October 29
Frank Hodge
University of Washington
November 5
Bjorn Jorgensen
Columbia University
November 12
Ole-Kristian Hope
University of Toronto
November 17
Steve Hillegeist
Northwestern University
December 10
Ashiq Ali
University of Texas, Dallas
January 26
Ben Ayers
University of Georgia
February 2
Paquita Friday
University of Notre Dame
Paper Unavailable
February 9
Matt Wieland, Indiana University
February 16
Guojin Gong
University of Iowa
February 21
Craig Nichols
Indiana University
February 23
Wendy Wilson
University of North Carolina
February 28
Ben Lansford
Pennsylvania State University
March 2
Steve Monahan
March 14
Rich Frankel
March 16
Dan Bens
University of Chicago
March 23
Christine Petrovits University of North Carolina
April 13
Irem Tuna
University of Pennsylvania
April 20
Gil Sadka
University of Chicago
April 27
Rajiv Banker
UC Riverside
June 24-25
Summer Accounting Conference

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