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Accountancy Department Workshop Series

Sandra Vera-Munoz, Committee Chair
Committee: Brad Badertscher, Jeff Burks, Jeff Miller


Name / Institution
Paper for Download
August 29
No Workshop


September 5
Feng Li
University of Michigan
Host: Jeff Burks

The Determinants and Information Content of the Forward-looking Statements in Corporate Filings—a Naıve Bayesian Machine Learning Approach

Spetember 12
Peter Easton

Timely Loss Recognition and the Asymmetry of Price Increases / Decreases Conditional on Price Levels

September 19
K. Ramesh
Michigan State University
Host: Jeff Burks
The Interdependence Between Institutional Ownership and Information Dissemination by Data Aggregators
September 26
Jeff Burks
Are Investors Confused byRestatements After SOX?
October 3
No Workshop
October 10
Tatiana Sandino
University of Southern California
Sandra Vera-Munoz

Executive Pay and “Independent” Compensation Consultants

October 17
No Workshop
October 24
No Workshop
October 31
Brad Badertscher
November 7
Craig Nichols
Cornell University
Host: Mike Morris
Stock Option Exercises and the Quality of Operating Cash Flows
November 14
Michael Williamson
University of Texas at Austin
Sandra Vera-Munoz
Attracting Creativity: The Initial and Aggregate Effects of Contract Selection on Creativity-Weighted Productivity
November 21

Melissa Lewis
University of Utah
Host: Brad Badertscher

Do Voluntary Disclosures that Disavow the Reliability of Mandated Fair Value
Information Reflect Legitimate Concerns About Reliability?
November 28
No Workshop
December 5
No Workshop
December 12
Kristian D. Allee
Michigan State University
Host: Peter Easton
Estimating Cost of Equity Capital with Time-Series Forecasts of Earnings
December 19
No Workshop
December 26
No Workshop
January 23
January 30
February 6
February 13
February 20
April 30
Badertscher and Burks