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Accountancy Research Workshop Series

Sandra Vera-Munoz, Committee Chair
Committee: Brad Badertscher, Jeff Burks, Stephannie Larocque


Name / Institution
Paper for Download
August 28
Anna Costello
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Host: Jeff Burks
The impact of financial reporting quality on debt contracting: Evidence from internal control weakness reports
September 4
Peter Easton

Another Look at Equity and Enterprise Valuation Based on Multiples

September 11
Vicki Arnold
University of Central Florida
Host: Sandra Vera-Munoz
The Impact of Tagging Qualitative Financial Information on Investor Decision Making: Implications for XBRL
September 18
Teri Yohn
Indiana University
Host: Brad Badertscher

Disaggregating Operating and Financing Activities versus Disaggregating Unusual and / or Infrequent Income Items: Implications for Forecasts of Future Profitability

September 25
Mozaffar Khan
Host: Stephannie Larocque
Accounting Quality, Stock Price Delay and Future Stock Returns
October 2
No Workshop
October 9
Tom Omer
Texas A & M University
Host: Brad Badertscher
October 15
Stephannie Larocque
October 23
No Workshop
October 30
November 6


November 13
F. Asis Martinez-Jerez
Harvard Business School
Host: Tom Stober
Implicit Control Mechanisms and Organizational Learning
November 20
Franco Wong
University of Toronto
Host: Stephannie Larocque
Global Settlement and Star Analysts' Career Choices: Does the Chinese Wall Cause a Brain Drain in Investment Banks?
November 27

No Workshop

December 4
No Workshop
December 11
January 13
Stephannie Larocque
Do Managers Issue Guidance to Correct Analysts' Predictable Errors?
January 29
Gus DeFranco
University of Toronto
Host: Stephannie Larocque
February 5
Jeremy Griffin
University of Georgia
The Effects of Uncertainty and Disclosure on Auditors’ Fair Value Materiality Decisions
February 12
James Chyz
University of Arizona
Personally Tax Aggressive Managers and Firm Level Tax Avoidance
February 17
Jonathan H. Grenier
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Encouraging Professional Skepticism in the Industry Specialization Era: A Dual-Process Model and an Experimental Test
February 18
Brad Badertscher and Jeff Burks
Brown Bag Workshop
February 24
Rick Laux
Arizona State University
The Information Content of Tax Expense for Firms Reporting Losses
February 26
Mike Meyer
Ohio University
March 1
Ed Etter
Eastern Michigan University
April 23
Craig Chapman
Northwestern University
Host: Stephannie Larocque
The Hangover Effects of Year End Price Reductions and Real Earnings Management
April 30
Jim Seida

Holding Period Tax Incentives and Earnings-Release Period Market Activity