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Accountancy Research Workshop Series

Sandra Vera-Munoz, Committee Chair
Committee: Brad Badertscher, Jeff Burks, Stephannie Larocque, Jeremy Griffin

Date Name / Institution
Paper for Download
August 27
No Workshop
September 3
Daniel Cohen, UT Dallas
Host: Brad Badertscher
Corporate Governance and the Information Environment: Evidence from State Antitakeover Laws
September 10
Ole-Kristian Hope, University of Toronto
Host: Stephannie Larocque

Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Efficiency of
Private Firms in Emerging Markets

September 17
Andy Call, University of Georgia
Host: Jeremy Griffin

Are analysts’ cash flow forecasts naïve extensions of their own earnings forecasts?

September 24
Tzachi Zach, Ohio State University
Host: Brad Badertscher
Industry Recommendations: Characteristics, Investment Value, and Relation to Firm Recommendations
October 1
Michael Bamber, University of Georgia
Host: Jeremy Griffin

International Financial Reporting Standards and Aggressive Reporting: An Investigation of Proposed PCAOB Auditor Judgment Guidance

October 6
Ryan Ball, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Host: Jeff Burks


October 8
No Workshop
October 15
No Workshop
October 22
RAST Conference
See the conference page for additional information
October 29
Larry Brown, Georgia State University
Host: Stephannie Larocque

When do accurate earnings forecasts facilitate superior stock recommendations?

November 5
November 12
Lucile Faurel, UC Irvine
Host: Jeff Burks
Investors’ Use of Executive Stock Option Exercises as Signals for Future Firm Performance in the Pre- and Post-SOX Eras
November 19
Jackie Hammersley, University of Georgia
Host: Jeremy Griffin

Auditing Estimates: A Task Analysis and Propositions for Improving Auditor Performance

December 1
Stephannie Larocque
The Adverse Consequences of Imprecision in the I/B/E/S Data Base
January 26
Stephannie Larocque
Analysts' Choice of Peer Companies
February 2
Daniel Wangerin
University of Wisconsin
M&A Due Diligence and its Consequences for Post-Acquisition Financial Statements
February 4
Andrew Bauer
University of Waterloo
Internal Control Quality as an Explanatory Factor of Tax
February 9
Xiaohang (Tina) Wang
University of Texas
Tax Avoidance, Corporate Transparency, and Firm Value
February 16
Julia Yu
University of Georgia
The Interaction of Voluntary and Mandatory Disclosures:
Evidence from the SEC’s Elimination of the IFRS-U.S. GAAP Reconciliation
February 18
Anna Costello
University of Chicago
Mitigating Incentive Conflicts in Inter-Firm Relationships: Evidence from Long-Term Supply Contracts
February 25
Alex Edwards
University of Washington
Does the Deferred Tax Asset Valuation Allowance Signal Firm
March 4
Alastair Lawrence
University of Toronto
Individual Investors and Financial Disclosure
April 1
Bob Magee
Northwestern University
Host: Ram Ramanan
Political Pressures and the Evolution of Disclosure Regulation
April 8-9
2011 CARE Conference
Accounting for Uncertainty and Risk: Investor, Management and Policy Implications
April 20
Jeff Burks

When a Loss is More than Just a Loss: The Market Pricing of Other Than Temporary Impairments

April 29

Scott Dyreng
Duke University
Host: Brad Badertscher

Where Do Firms Manage Earnings?
June 3-4
Midwest Summer Research Conference
June 17
Jeremy Griffin
Concurrent Processing of Accounting Issues and Auditor's Evidence-Evaluation Decisions