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Accountancy Research Workshop Series

Sandra Vera-Munoz, Committee Chair
Committee: Brad Badertscher, Jeff Burks, Stephannie Larocque, Jeremy Griffin

Date Name / Institution
Paper for Download
August 26 Open
September 2 Anup Srivastava, Northwestern University
Host: Brad Badertscher
The Effect of Changes in Firms’ Operating Strategies on Financial Reporting
September 9 Open
September 16 Research Camp
Jane Thayer, University of Georgia
Lisa Koonce, University of Texas
Phil Berger, Chicago Booth School of Business
Shiva Rajgopal, Emory University
Thayer: Do Nonprofessional Investors React to Fraud Red Flags?
Koonce: Compound Financial Instruments: Is the Whole Equal to the Sum of the Parts?
Berger: The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Cross-listed Companies
Rajgopal: The Deterrence Effects of SEC Enforcement and Class Action Litigation

September 23 Open
September 28 Martin Glaum, Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen
Earnings Smoothing and IFRS Adoption: Total Accruals vs. Specific Accrual Components

October 7 Nicole Jenkins, Vanderbilt University
Host: Brad Badertscher
The Extent of Informational Efficiency in the Credit Default Swap Market: Evidence from Post-Earnings Announcement Returns
October 14 Open
October 21 Mid-Term Break
October 28 Open
November 4 Gauri Bhat, Washington University St. Louis
Host: Stephannie Larocque
Credit Risk and IFRS: The Case of Credit Default Swaps
November 11 Mark Peecher, University of Illinois
Host: Jeremy Griffin
Does Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Distort Investors’ Estimates Of Fundamental Value?
November 18 Open
November 25 Thanksgiving Break
December 2 Open
December 16-
January 13
No Workshops
January 25 Jan Bouwens, Tilburg University
Host: Peter Easton
The Effect of Organizational Hierarchy on Loan rates and Risk Assessments
January 27 Recruiting
February 1 Recruiting
February 3 Recruiting
February 8 Recruiting
February 10 Recruiting
February 15 Recruiting

February 17 Recruiting

March 23 Zhi Da and Peter Easton
Matching Market Prices, Analysts’Earnings andTarget Price Forecasts, and Estimating the Implied expected Rate of Return on Equity Capital
June 27 Jeff Burks
An Examination of Accounting Errors Committed by Public Charities
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Last Updated on: August 15, 2013