Carlyle Studies Annual

The Carlyle Studies Annual is edited by Mark Cumming (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Senior Editor Anne Skabarnicki (Royal Military College of Canada), Book Review Editor D. J. Trela (University of Michigan, Flint), and Associate Editor Fleming McClelland (University of Louisiana, Monroe). The previous editor was Rodger Tarr (Illinois State University) and prior to him Michael Timko (City University of New York). The Annual began in 1979 as the Carlyle Newsletter with K. J. Fielding (University of Edinburgh), Ian Campbell( University of Edinburgh), and Anne Skarbarnicki (Royal Military College of Canada) as editors.

Subscriptions: The annual subscription rate is $12 (U. S.) for individuals and $15 (U. S.) for institutions. Subscriptions should be address to Mark Cumming, Edityor, Department of English, Memorial University of Newfoundland), St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1C 5S7.