The Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle

The Duke-Edinburgh edition of The Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle was initiated by the late C. R. Sanders of Duke University, the general editor of the first twelve volumes. Beginning with volume 13, Kenneth J. Fielding and the late Clyde de L. Ryals assumed the position of senior editors. The current editors are Ian Campbell, Aileen Christianson, Sheila McIntosh, and David Sorensen; Professor Fielding will remain a senior editor through volume 29. Previous editors have include Bill Bell (21-24), John Clubbe (1-9), Hilary Smith (8-25, 27), and Janetta Taylor (1-4).

To date, twenty-seven volumes covering the years 1812 to 1853, have been published. The letters are published by Duke University Press.


The Carlyle letters can now be accessed in keyword searchable form at the Carlyle Letters Online.