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Please read Carroll Hall President John Hayes', Carroll Hall Rector Jim Lewis's and Frosh-O Coordinators John Shaft and Peter Hall's letters to the freshmen. Carroll Hall would also like to congratulate the parents of the incoming freshmen, please read the letter to the parents.


Please read the latest Freshmen Booklet. The booklet contains all the information you should need to prepare for college life at Notre Dame in addition to Frosh-O (or Freshmen Orientation). It is also recommended that you read over the Domer Dictionary in order to learn the inside lingo used on campus.


Frosh-O is a weekend of activities designed for incoming freshmen to get to know their new classmates and dorm residents and to become familiar with the Notre Dame campus. Activities are organized by the University, the dorm, as well as by quad. It is a fun weekend that will ease the transition into college life for freshmen.



Peter Hall is a junior Finance and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) major who hails from the great farm town of Fort Branch, Indiana. Peter is an active member of the Club Ultimate Frisbee team, Student International Business Council, the Club Coordination Council, and Finance Club. When not scrambling to fit in schoolwork around meetings, practices, catching up with old acquaintances, lounging on the quad, long walks around the lake, candlelit dinners, making Frisbee trick shot videos (Youtube Search “Frisbee the Third”), and rounds of quad golf, Peter enjoys a lovely game of FIFA and will take on any and all challengers (looking at you Jack Hefferon). Peter will be living in the lovely 313 next year with Co-Frosh-O Commish John “Mean Flow” Shaft, and absolutely cannot wait to have a lovely dome-side sunrise to wake up to every morning. Future life goals include donating enough money to the university that they name a building after him (or is every building already named after him?), playing at Augusta National, repeating as RecSports Interhall Golf Champions, and beating John Shaft in a curling match.


Will Raaf is a rising junior from Naperville, Illinois. His interests include interhall sports such as soccer, cross country, and basketball, as well as service and student government. One year ago he wrote his favorite person in the world was Derrick Rose, but he is now feeling quite conflicted on the matter. He will live in room 309 next year with a door always open to Carroll’s newest members. He is not actually handicapped, but is very proud of his achievements in Ryan’s annual wheelchair basketball tournament.


Casey Karnes is a sophomore from Glencoe, Illinois and New Trier High School. He will be living in 116 next year with “El Presidente” (John Hayes) and Diego Reyes (not to be confused with Joe Tekarian). Casey planning on becoming a Finance major, with a possible minor in journalism. A lifetime Notre Dame fan, Casey is also a fan of all Chicago sports teams (except the White Sox, who are the worst). He will be serving as Athletic Commissioner next year. Last year he participated in Carroll Hall football, baseball, and basketball, and hopes that the influx of young freshmen will be enough to propel Carroll back into the playoffs in all three. Other than his attempts at athletic prowess, Casey is best known for being large, lifting things/people, writing sports for The Observer, annoying Jon Weiler, and procrastinating a unhealthy amount. Feel free to approach Casey with any questions, especially if they concern sports or movies, and remember that his family tailgate is open to all during football season.


Joe Tekerian is a sophomore, Science–Business major from Ramsey, New Jersey, a suburb of New York City. He will be rooming in 412 this year with your esteemed Carroll Senator, Joe Kelly. Joe (Tekerian) plays a multitude of interhall sports but hockey is by far his favorite. Joe is involved in the Habitat for Humanity Club and enjoys service work of all kinds. On a nice Friday afternoon you can probably find Joe outside on Carroll Lawn playing volleyball or tossing a football around. His door is always open and he is welcome to any visitors (if you want to make the journey to the 4th floor).


Carter Boyd is a sophomore from the swamps of Louisiana. Known for his wild tales of raising alligators, he double majors in Biology and Spanish but also has interests in Theology. He will be living in 411 next year while serving as Liturgical Commissioner for Carroll Hall. He competes for the Vermin in several inter-hall sports, participates in many clubs and activities, plays sweet melodies on the violin, and enjoys evening walks around the lakes to visit the Grotto. Vermin, Welcome Home!


John Shaft is from balmy Grand Forks, North Dakota. He is entering his junior year and is pursuing a degree in Management Consulting with a supplementary major in Theology (Pre-Law). Aside from business and theology, John enjoys club racquetball and curling with his team, the undefeated reigning champion Straight Ehs. He plays interhall hockey, tennis, and racquetball, and will be serving Carroll as the dorm’s judicial commissioner this coming year. He takes Notre Dame football and Detroit Red Wings hockey very seriously. He will be studying in Paris this summer as part of a Notre Dame study abroad program. He will be living in room 313 next year with fellow Frosh-O commissioner Pete “The Feral Frisbee” Hall.


Diego Rayas is a sophomore from the wonderful Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth, Minnesota. He is pursuing a major in aerospace engineering and exploring a possible minor in business. You’ll be able to find him in room 118 with hall president John Hayes and fellow Frosh-O staff member Casey Karnes. Diego enjoys playing all sorts of interhall sports like soccer and basketball, chill games of quad golf, and can play a song or two on the violin. It is unlikely to see him turn down a game of foosball, and definitely won’t back down to any ping pong challengers. He can’t wait for another year at Notre Dame and to get to know all the new Vermin.


Michael Dinh was born at a very young age. From the beginning he knew was destined for great things, like majors in Biology and Psychology. At the age of six, he wet himself during mass. Just a year later, he would sled directly into a tree and nearly kill himself. Yes, he was the chosen one all right. Michael is a sophomore, which means you haven’t even seen his final form. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he will be living in room 417, a single, so he’s a total loser that has no friends. In his “spare” time, he serves as an officer in the Asian American Association, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Red Cross Club, and Scientia.


Chris Barnes is a physics major with a minor in Energy Studies and a concentration in Advanced Physics from the urbane, lively northern suburb of Motown, Royal Oak, MI. He was the Brother-Sister Dorm Commissioner last year in addition to captaining the playoff-qualifying Carroll Hall Ping-Pong team, whose season ended in a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to a team that forfeited the flight Carroll won. On campus, he works at the Rockne Memorial Building as a Weight Room and Front Desk Attendant, so he’ll undoubtedly swipe your ID at some point this year if you’re determined to beat the Freshman 15. Additionally, he performs high-energy physics research with professors that work on CMS, an experiment headquartered at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. He traveled to Baylor University this past summer for ten weeks of research and is glad to talk with anyone thinking about majoring in science. In his free time, Chris enjoys running, listening to music, and reading, particularly novels and The New York Times.


Alec Fogarty is a junior studying Finance, Economics, and Spanish. Alec hails from the one and only Chaska, Minnesota and has two younger sisters, ages 17 and eight. Alec is involved with the Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion (JIFFI), the Student International Business Club, the Wall Street Club, and enjoys a sunny day of volleyball out on Carroll Lawn. Mr. Fogarty studied in Ecuador through the Summer Language Abroad program before his sophomore year, interned in Chicago before his junior year, and will be spending his spring semester in España! This guy is always down to talk, whether it be business, travel, or anything in between.