Father James B. Lewis, O.Carm. hails from Chicago, IL. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Marquette University in 1972. He also studied to get his Master of Divinity at the Theological Union in 1985. In 1996, Father graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Master of Social Work. You can find him residing in room 115 right next to the front entrance to Carroll Hall. Over his career, Father has been an assessment counselor with the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education, a member of Campus Life Council, a part of the Rectory Planning Group (OSA), and a participant in Notre Dame Encounter. He enjoys the fine arts in Chicago (theater and Chicago Symphony), Sudoku, and doing life-long penance as a fan of the Chicago Cubs.





Jackson Jhin is a Finance major with a supplementary major in Italian from Houston, Texas. He plays on the Carroll soccer and lacrosse team and has recently inherited the keys to the lax armory from famed RA, Jack Heffron. He is the Carroll Hall resident DJ and can be seen behind the DJ booth at SYRs dropping the sick bass and sometimes dropping his healthy equipment as well. Feel free to visit him in 313 to sign his 8-foot Texas flag or play music. He has petitioned to build a gondola lift from Carroll to Lyons arch and can be reached at for comments concerning the project or any other subject.


Mitch Meersman is a sophomore business major pursuing a minor in sustainability from Mishawaka, IN. He has been involved with Carroll football, baseball, and beach volleyball. He enjoys working out and drinking protein shakes. Former Archie student who still loves all things structural. Enjoys a good round of super smash bros,Netflix marathons, Spikeball, and wiping the basketball court with SUB Commisioner Eric Richelsen a.k.a Former Women's Basketball Practice Star. He has been sharing some of his favorite memories while carrying on the tradition of the Carroll Countdown started by Jack Heffron. Follow him @mmeersman44. He is also the Green Squad Leprechaun and the self-proclaimed biggest ND fan in Carroll. He will be rooming in 211 with "T-Money" Tyler Shiber and "Goldberg" Jack Klamer.


Eric Richelsen is a sophomore Marketing and Visual Communication Design double major from Medina (not to be confused with the hated city of Edina), Minnesota. He is currently Carroll Hall's Student Union Board (SUB) commissioner and has been involved with the Men's Rowing Club, Urban Plunge and several Vermin sports teams including hockey, football and basketball. He also will be leading and planning freshman retreats so all you freshman come! In his free time he enjoys beating VP Mitch Meersman in SuperSmash, watching Charlie "Chuck" Warner take naps and playing volleyball with the athletic Zachary Dodd.


David Krohn is a sophomore political science major from Great Falls, Virginia. He is the current student body senator for Carroll hall. He enjoys running, climbing, basketball, and pickling vegetables. In addition to liking to make tacos, he also likes to eat tacos. His spirit animal is an eagle and he probably listens to too much punk rock and reggae for his own good. If you are still reading this bio then you must really like David Krohn, so don't hesitate to visit him in 313 or email him at


Alex "Big Beech" Beecham is a junior (4 out of 5 years) computer science and economics major. His hobbies include playing electric guitar, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and video games As tech commissioner he edits this webpage and can help with any computer problems you might have.