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What is an Action Learning Project (ALP)?

Action learning is a well-developed problem solving and learning process in which small teams thoroughly examine and make recommendations on an important issue or problem. The project extends ideas and skills gained from a learning setting to an issue that benefits from team interactions, multi-unit perspectives, and some distance from the pressing day to day issues.

Criteria for project selection:

  • a real organizational issue, the solution to which will present real benefits.
  • lends itself to a clear problem statement
  • realistic in size and scope: is doable or achievable within the resources available (time and dollars)


During the program, teams will spend time addressing a specific issue employing the frames of mission-based leadership and organizational development.


Action Learning Projects from previous programs (more)

Presentation of the Action Learning Project:

At the end of the program, team members will present their proposed project to the other agencies. Agencies provide feedback to the team members.

Catholic Charities USA will follow-up with each agency on the progress of their project. Agencies will present their completed project at the Catholic Charities USA Annual Gathering.


Please contact Kathy Brown, Catholic Charities USA, at or at 703.236.6245

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