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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
auth.h [code]
auth_address.h [code]
auth_all.h [code]Global authentication controls
auth_globus.h [code]
auth_hostname.h [code]
auth_kerberos.h [code]
auth_ticket.h [code]
auth_unix.h [code]
b64_encode.h [code]
batch_job.h [code]Batch job submission
batch_job_internal.h [code]
bitmap.h [code]
buffer.h [code]String Buffer Operations
catalog_query.h [code]Query the global catalog server for server descriptions
catalog_server.h [code]
cctools.h [code]Common CCTools functions for version and common output management
change_process_title.h [code]Change the title of a process in ps and top
chirp_client.h [code]
chirp_matrix.h [code]Stores very large distributed matrices
chirp_protocol.h [code]This file defines the binary values mandated by the Chirp Protocol specification, used by both the client and server implementations of the protocol
chirp_recursive.h [code]A high level interface to put and get large directories trees to and from Chirp servers
chirp_reli.h [code]The primary user API for accessing Chirp servers
chirp_stream.h [code]Streaming I/O interface
chirp_types.h [code]All of the structure and type definitions used by the Chirp API
chunk.h [code]
clean_dir.h [code]
console_login.h [code]Read a name and password from the console
copy_stream.h [code]
create_dir.h [code]Create a new directory recursively
daemon.h [code]
datagram.h [code]UDP datagram communications
debug.h [code]General purpose debugging routines
delete_dir.h [code]Delete a directory recursively
disk_info.h [code]Query disk space properties
display_size.h [code]Display file sizes in human readable format i.e
domain_name.h [code]Look up domain names and addresses directly
domain_name_cache.h [code]Look up domain names and addresses quickly
dpopen.h [code]Double Pipe process invocation
envtools.h [code]
fast_popen.h [code]Fast process invocation
file_cache.h [code]
full_io.h [code]Perform complete I/O operations, retrying through failures and signals
get_canonical_path.h [code]
get_line.h [code]
getopt.h [code]
getopt_aux.h [code]
getopt_int.h [code]
gpu_info.h [code]Query gpu properties
hash_cache.h [code]
hash_table.h [code]A general purpose hash table
hdfs_library.h [code]
hmac.h [code]Routines for computing Hash-based Message Authentication Codes
http_query.h [code]
int_sizes.h [code]
itable.h [code]An integer-indexed hash table
link.h [code]A high level TCP connection library
link_auth.h [code]
link_nvpair.h [code]
list.h [code]Double-linked non-intrusive list
load_average.h [code]Get the current load and number of CPUs
macros.h [code]
md5.h [code]Routines for computing MD5 checksums
memory_info.h [code]Get current memory status
mergesort.h [code]Mergesort implementation
mpi_queue.h [code]An MPI implementation of Work Queue
nvpair.h [code]An nvpair object is a collection of name-value pairs that might describe a complex object such as a host or a job
nvpair_database.h [code]Nvpair_database is a persistent database for keeping track of a set of objects, each indexed by a unique key and described by a set of arbitrary name value pairs
nvpair_private.h [code]
password_cache.h [code]
path.h [code]
preadwrite.h [code]
process.h [code]Provides a higher level interface to finding information about complete processes
random_init.h [code]
rmonitor.h [code]
rmsummary.h [code]
set.h [code]A set data structure
sha1.h [code]Routines for computing SHA1 checksums
sleeptools.h [code]Sleep for a specified amount of time
sort_dir.h [code]Obtain a sorted directory listing
string_array.h [code]Single Memory Block String Array
stringtools.h [code]
text_array.h [code]A two dimensional array of strings
text_list.h [code]
timer.h [code]Simple timer library
timestamp.h [code]Portable routines for high resolution timing
uptime.h [code]
url_encode.h [code]Routines for encoding strings according to RFC-2396
username.h [code]Obtain information about the current user
work_queue.h [code]A master-worker library
work_queue_catalog.h [code]
work_queue_internal.h [code]
work_queue_protocol.h [code]This file describes a handful of constants that are necessary for a common implementation of the work queue protocol between the master, worker, and catalog, but should not be visible to the WQ user API
work_queue_resources.h [code]
xxmalloc.h [code]Brittle memory allocation routines

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