Department of Psychology
University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

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Basic Processes in Learning, Cognition, and Motivation

As my background indicates, my early career in psychology was predominately devoted to the study of basic mechanisms in learning and motivation using animal subjects. Although my research has diversified over the years to include some of the other areas listed below, I continue to maintain an interest in fundamental mechanisms influencing learning, cognition and motivation.  Some of this work is listed under this link.

Humans, Computers, Robots, and Technology

In this work, we have examined various psychological and ethical issues dealing with the relationship between humans and computers or humans and robots. This area is part of a broader current interest in the impact of technology on human behavior.

Applications to Education, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and Rehabilitation

I have long been interested in the application of psychological research for the betterment of the human condition.  One early applied interest of mine has included the development of techniques, methods and systems to promote more effective learning in the classroom or workplace. More recent applied interests have extended to therapy for children with ASD and rehabilitation for victims of stroke or other brain traumas.

Organizational Behavior Management and Performance Technology

Human performance and success in the workplace is another area of application that has been a long-standing interest of mine.  Much of my work here has been devoted to exploring ways in which basic psychological principles can be utilized to improve the productivity and efficiency of work behavior. I became involved in the early stages of a movement known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and I continue to contribute to this field.  Under this link you will find some of my recent articles and talks, as well as a list of my published works in this area.

Instrumentation, Research Methods, & Other Gadgets

Over the years, my interests have included development of mechanical or electronic methods, procedures and techniques for investigating behavior or helping to improve it. Some of my work in this area is shown here.

Visit my Lab Website

A description of my current lab-based work can be found on my lab website, which you can access from this link.


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